Who We Are & Our Staff


ESLA Uganda (ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT FOR A BETTER SOCIAL LIFE THROUGH ASSOCIATION (IN UGANDA)) is a non-profit organization founded in 2017, working to impact and change lives of Adolescent girls and women in designated communities.

ESLA focuses on creating an impact on the lives of mainly AGYM in communities through educating and empowering them in different ways in Busoga Region of Jinja.
We chose to focus in Jinja district mainly because the area has a number of many AGYW who face a number of social, economic, cultural challenges that hinder them from enjoying their youth, attend school, finish their education, fulfill their dreams, enjoy their adulthood and also their gender stability as women and girls in society.

ESLA works to bring about sustainable changes through our different development projects and also skilling materials for those that are engaged in entrepreneur vocational activities.


Effort behind ESLA UGANDA