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ICT 4 Education


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ICT 4 Education

Launching Date

March 2023

Project Description

Engaging all learners and equipping them with ICT skills.

ICT 4 Education

Rural schools in Uganda,  face similar challenges as far as ICT education is concerned.

These challenges make it difficult for students in rural schools to get a quality education in ICT. However, in partnership with ICT4EDUCATION, we are working to address these challenges. Through providing rural schools with mobile computer laboratories, training teachers in ICT, and working to raise awareness of the importance of ICT education.

Through our ICT program, we have enabled students who have never touched and never dreamt of touching or using a computer in their life enjoy this experience and be inspired to desire more in their academic journey.

In an effort to foster computer literacy and promote positive attitudes towards ICT in the community, we also organize and conduct out of school computer sessions to: Give an opportunity to the stakeholders (parents, local and other opinion leaders) to experience the potential that ICT use can bring in promoting education and productivity. We therefore allow adults to attend our sessions and receive this experience too.

Project Challenges

  • Lack of access to computers and the internet. Many rural schools do not have enough computers for all students, and the computers that are available are often outdated and slow. This makes it difficult for students to learn ICT skills and to access online resources.
  • Poor quality of teaching. Many teachers in rural schools are not trained in ICT, and they may not have the skills or resources to teach ICT effectively. This can lead to students falling behind in their ICT studies.
  • Low motivation among students. Students in rural schools may not be motivated to study ICT because they see it as a subject that is not relevant to their lives. They may also be discouraged by the challenges they face in learning ICT.