Our Impact

Our Impact @ Esla Uganda

Two years ago, the world changed. On March 30, 2020, Uganda went into lockdown. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Esla Uganda worked closely with community leaders to respond to the immediate needs of children and their families.

Many people in the community rely on informal work, live hand to mouth, and spend most of what they earn on food for their families. Due to the lockdown, income was lost, food was inaccessible and families were at risk of starvation.

Thanks to you for you Support, In 2020, Esla Uganda launched an emergency appeal to provide food parcels to vulnerable families.
In January 2022, the schools opened after two full years since March 2020, the longest in the world. Schools opened on January 10, this became a celebration, but it represents a challenge for families and vulnerable children, as many children did not have requirements to attend school and many parents lost their jobs due to the closure.

Through your support, we were able to support some children with school supplies such as books, geometry sets, pens, pencils and others.
– We also managed to reach more than 150 children, we supported young mothers with 100 packs of reusable sanitary napkins at Good Hope SS in the village of Budondo in the jinja district.

Our relief package were a lifeline to so many families in rural areas.

”We are no longer the way we were. Before Esla uganda came we had nothing, now we have skills. I know I will never go hungry because I know how to grow different crops . It has reduced stress in my life and I am so grateful. Now we are empowered and know how to start up a business on our own. We are no longer stretching so hard to maintain a living ; life is not so hard anymore.”
Nalongo Specioza – 57 Years
”In Esla quadball club, girls acting as an example to the rest of our fellow youth. During covid time quadball Sport personally exposed me to the external world, it was enabled me relate with different kinds of people and develop my social as well as relating skills. I yearn to see quidditch one of the strongest and most recognized games in African university, schools and the continent at large. I also wish to develop my public speaking and leadership skills in the run for the empowerment of young girls’ especially teenage mothers. I call upon the great ladies and gentlemen to join us in developing quidditch and empowering and nurturing the girl child. ” Tendo Patience Eva
”Nampeera is a mother of 8 kids, Nabukeera Trina, Lubega Marvin and Namutaawe Recheal are the four months triplets abandoned by their father Kiwanuka Emma after he learnt about their birth by mother Margret Nampeera. Nampeera who is a jobless mother lives in a slum area of Masanda Zone Kyengera town council Wakiso district with a number of eight children with no assistance from their father or any family members. Being a slum area a lineup of challenges ranging from cholera Malaria, typhoid and others are likely attack these infants. One day one of the directors of Esla came to know about Nampeera’s situation through a friend which prompted them to visit her to know her experience with her family. Attached is also another link that was aired on one of the online media in Uganda. ”
Margret Nampeera
The last 2 years have been difficult for many of us. We are so proud of what we have accomplished in the last two years and the number of families we have been able to help during this time, which would not have been possible without your support. However, families in the rural areas still face devastating challenges.

As food costs rise, more families live below the poverty line and find it nearly impossible to feed their children.
Our appeal Feeding Futures is to combat this crisis to build a better future for families in rural areas.