Esla Uganda Appeals to Government

Esla Uganda appeals to gov’t to intervene on prices of essential commodities

Esla Uganda has called upon the Ugandan government to intervene and stabilise the price of commodities as inflation continues to bite.

Esla Uganda communications director Racheal Nakanwagi said, “Young people, especially girls, are facing challenges of buying essential commodities. Prices were already high but now they are getting out of reach. Girls may soon fail to buy sanitary pads yet they are about to go back to school.”
Nakanwagi added, “Please government, think about young people. They are the majority and not earning. We pray government intervenes and finds a way to drop the prices on essentials for food, at least.” Nakanwagi
Nakanwagi made the remarks while Esla Uganda was breaking the fast with Quidditch Moslem players in Bunamwaya.

Esla Uganda congratulated Moslems in Uganda and the world over for approaching the end of the fasting period successfully. She called upon them to continue to practice the good habits that were encouraged by the fasting period.

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