Dumba Uses Quadball to Empower Community.

Dumba uses Quadball to empower community, promote child rights

It may sound strange but a Ugandan activist is using the unique sport empower and support communities in and around Kampala.

‘’There are children living in various communities who are going without food, no clothing and they cannot also go school. Therefore, through this unique sport people who come to watch the game, especially when the children are playing, voluntarily contribute some money which is used to look after them,” Lawrence Dumba, the director Economic and Social Empowerment for Local communities (ESLA) said.

He revealed that currently, they have created four clubs of players based in Kampala to popularise the game.

He said, is optimistic that, after getting funds they will be able to spread the game to the upcountry regions.
‘’Our target is to help about 200-500 vulnerable children living in slum areas and upcountry places where poverty has hit so many families,’’ he said, with hope that it would attract more funders - both locally and outside Uganda- to support his cause and rights of children.
How Quadball is Useful

The fairly new sport in Uganda comprises two teams of seven players each, mounted on a broomstick, with hockey rink-sized pitch.

  • Empower community
  • Promote child rights
  • Promote Talent

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