Child Support

Support Orphan children facing challenges in the community like discrimination & others.

Quadball Sport

In esla quadball club, girls are acting as an example to the rest of our fellow youth & girls.

Teen Mothers

We launched Quadball in Budondo to help young mothers with talent to make their lives better.
Economic Empowerment for a better Social Life through Association (in Uganda)

ESLA Uganda

Esla Uganda is a non-profit   organization working to change lives in communities through educating and empowering young girls and women in different parts of Uganda. It was founded in 2017, Esla works to overcome extreme dependence, empower young girls and women to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individual and play a constructive role in the society.

To see lives transformed, youth and communities empowered and poverty reduced throughout the areas that we work with.


To educate and empower young girls and women with skills so as create a quality lifestyle.

Our Goals

  • Encouraging education for living better lives.
  • Improving local people's lives through ESLA 's grass roots help
  • Teaching skills and building self esteem
  • Revealing care for those living in your community ( E.g house building )
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Our Benifits

Teen Mothers & quadball Club

Through Quadball, We have seen what the power of play can do to our community in terms of building skills and strengthening youth. The sport gives teen mothers a chance to take their talents even beyond Uganda. The youth are encouraged to join the Esla Quidball Club to begin playing the game at a competitive level.

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